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FiveJoy's tactical folding shovels are at the apex of survival tools.  Built with indestructibility in mind, these shovels are made with heat-treated, premium quality Carbon Steel and Aerospace Grade Aluminum. These materials ensure a top performing multi tool that will withstand the roughest of conditions and elements.  
Of course a multitool is only as good as the array of tools that comes with it, so let's break it down and show you what this beauty is holding up its sleeve aside from the shovel function.

Saw? Check. Axe? Check! Hammer? Absolutely. Paracord? Come on, of course! If that isn’t getting you excited already, hold onto your pants because we're not done yet. This tool party also includes a Rescue Knife, Hoe, Wire Cutter, Fire Starter, Emergency Whistle, and Glass Breaker because why not be equipped with everything you might need in unpredictable situations?
And finally, the most important tool of all, it includes a Bottle Opener- so you can pop open that well deserved beer after a long hike or hunt.

If that's starting to sound like a heavy handful for you, then you will be surprised that the C1 portable tool only weighs 2.15lbs in its included carrying case. Lightweight and ergonomic enough for your recreational gardening, but heavy duty enough to conquer and survive in the backcountry.
Make sure the next time you step out, you're ready to take on the great outdoors with your FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel.  Or store this handy, compact tool in your car- it's great for digging your tires out of the snow, or breaking a window in an emergency.

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