FiveJoy’s Spaceship teepee is the best deal in the galaxy

Holiday season is just getting started! So start your holiday shopping early and avoid the holiday rush! Don’t pass up the chance of getting FiveJoy’s Spaceship Teepee. Regularly priced for $89.99, this cozy little teepee has now an additional 50% OFF.  For only $35 you can have your little Han Solo ready to explore the universe!

Remember making a tent or fort with sheets when you were a kid? This nifty teepee will save you from your turn of having to hunt down your missing bedsheets. Now your kids will have an adorable play area they can call their own! You might even be tempted to crawl in there and snuggle up with a few pillows yourself! It’s hard not to, with the teepee's 100% breathable cotton construction that is soft, comfortable, and a breeze to maintain.


We figured your children won’t be able to get enough of this awesome teepee and will be spending hours playing in them, so it’s designed with mesh windows on both sides. The windows and wide opening provides necessary ventilation during playtime. These may also double as a viewer, so they can look foor the moon. 

Make sure to grab this out of this world bargain for the FiveJoy SpaceShip Teepee and get ready for infinity and beyond.

Hop on board your intergalactic ship here: