FiveJoy Premium Silk Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner

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  • 🔝 GENEROUS SIZE - 70” Long (not including pillow case) by 32.5” Wide, this spacious rectangular liner offers a roomy fit for sleepers up to 6'6" (220cm) tall. Stretch your legs out, and turn comfortably in your sleeping bag or hostel bed.
  • SILKY SMOOTH & SOFT - A balanced blend of mulberry silk and cotton, makes it strong and durable, while still providing gentle softness and cozy warmth you’ll want to dive right into. Helps to insulate in cold weather but is absorbent and breathable in warm weather.
  • CLEAN & HYGIENIC - For backpackers, this keeps your sleeping bag free of dirt and body oils while providing additional warmth; for travelers, this keeps you separated from bedding of questionable cleanliness or with possible bedbug infestations. Increase the lifespan of your camp sleeping bag by adding a protective barrier against dirt, bacteria and sweat.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE - Comes with a built-in pillow case, and an opening on right side for you to slide in and out of your sleeping bag. About the weight of an iPhone, less than 6oz (172g), this light and compact liner fits easily into any suitcase or backpack.
  • Washing and Care Instructions - Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water, or machine wash in cold water on the gentlest cycle with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Hang Dry, do not twist or wring.