FiveJoy Miltary Folding Shovel RS Extension Tube (2PCS/Set)

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✓ Recommended for FiveJoy Military Multitool RS Folding Shovel. Extend your shovel for extra leverage, longer reach, and more flexibility in functions. One (1) piece can extend 6.3", and two (2) pieces can extend your folding shovel to 12.2"
✓ Forged with Heavy Duty, High Hardness, Aerospace Aluminum Alloy to withstand the toughest of conditions and elements. These incredibly durable extension tubes are the perfect addition to your survival shovel kit.
✓ Combine both extension brackets to use as a self defense stick in emergency situations, or connect it to your multifunction shovel for unexpected automobile emergencies. Have extra control and power when digging your car tires out of snow/ mud or entrenching in the backcountry.
✓ A Must Have accessory for camping, hiking, backpacking and hunting. Easily store the two tubes in its included carrying case. Total length of the 2 connected tubes: 7.1", Weight: 0.31lbs
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